Commons Business Briefings for 11 January to 15 January 2016

This page offers links to documents and reports that relate to the Business being conducted in the House of Commons Chamber and in Westminster Hall for this week.

The page will include relevant Commons Library briefings, Committee reports, POST notes as well as documents produced by government departments or other agencies.

Commons Chamber - 11 January

Armed Forces Bill

Backbench Business Committee Debate: Local Government funding for rural areas

Westminster Hall - 11 January

E-petition 113491 relating to the NHS Bursary

Commons Chamber - 12 January

Housing and Planning Bill - Report Stage and Third Reading

Westminster Hall - 12 January

Global fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria

Effect of airport expansion on the Anglian Region

Access to jobs for disabled people

Commons Chamber - 13 January

Opposition Day Debate: Trade, exports, innovation and productivity

Westminster Hall - 13 January

Effect of the roll-out of Universal Credit in the North West

Care homes in England

Hand hygiene in the NHS

Commons Chamber - 14 January

Backbench business: (i) Space policy

Backbench Business Committee Debate: (ii) House of Lords reform

Westminster Hall - 14 January

VAT evasion and internet retailers

No parliamentary briefings are currently available

Commons  Chamber - 15 January

No business has been announced for this day

Westminster Hall - 15 January

No business has been announced for this day

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