Parliament and constitution research

The Parliament and Constitution Centre provides a focus for the House of Commons Library's work on Parliament and the Constitution.

While our primary objective is to provide Members and their staff with accurate, non partisan information which is timely and appropriate to their needs, we are also a point of contact for overseas and devolved parliaments as well as external academic and research bodies which require guidance on UK parliamentary history and procedure.

As part of our work, we produce a number of Research Papers and Standard Notes on the topics of Parliament and the Constitution.

A selection of titles are available in PDF format, under the following headings:

Research Papers are an occasional series of papers, numbered by year and sequence of publication, and usually deal with topics of current parliamentary interest.

Standard Notes are generally shorter and more informal than Research Papers. They serve a variety of purposes, but are often used to supply a quick response on subjects raised frequently by Members of Parliament, or to provide an update on legislation or other important developments. They are usually evolving documents which are updated from time to time but we do not have the capacity to keep them all up-to-date, so please note the dates on them.

Contact information

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Briefing papers

Find more Commons Library Standard Notes and Research Papers on a wide range of topics from agriculture to transport.