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Data protection

This page provides an explanation of the Data Protection Act and how to submit requests to us.

What is the Data Protection Act?

The Data Protection Act 1998 is a law which requires any organisation that processes personal data about individuals to comply with certain safeguards. It also gives individuals the right to access information held about themselves. This right of access is subject to certain exemptions.

For more information please see our policy on collecting and holding personal information (PDF).

Who can request personal information?

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can make a request for personal information under the Data Protection Act. You do not have to be a UK citizen or resident of the UK to request information.

Where can requests be sent?

Requests may be submitted to us by mail or email. Please send the requests to:
Joanne Crofton-Diggins
Information Manager
The Electoral Commission
3 Bunhill Row
London EC1Y 8YZ

How long will it take to get information?

We have a duty to reply to your request promptly and, in any event, within 40 calendar days of receipt of your request.

Data protection