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Equality & diversity

On this page you will find our equality and diversity information. This includes:

  • publications that set out how equality applies to all our activities
  • how we ensure equal access to our services and promote an inclusive workforce
  • our progress on equality and current issues
  • equality impact assessments of key areas of our work

Our equal opportunities policy statement

This statement provides a summary of how we promote equality of opportunity for all our stakeholders.

Equality scheme 2014

This is our statutory equality scheme for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It sets out how we aim to promote equality and diversity as an employer, through our work on effective regulation of party and election finance and setting standards for well-run elections and electoral registration.

The scheme identifies our equality and diversity priorities and contains an action plan setting out our on-going activities and other work we will undertake to meet our priorities.

Northern Ireland equality scheme

We have brought together our Northern Ireland scheme with our equality scheme for Great Britain in our Equality Scheme 2013. This covers our duties under all of the equality legislation across the UK and has been statutorily approved by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

Welsh language scheme

Our statutory Welsh Language Scheme sets out our commitment to provide our services in Welsh, in accordance with the Welsh Language Act 1993.

Read more about our Welsh Language Scheme

Equality and diversity progress reports

These reports set out our progress on equality and current issues we are dealing with.

Equality impact assessments

These are summaries of equality impact assessments (EIAs) of key areas of our work. We conduct EIAs to make sure we don’t exclude anybody from accessing or delivering our services. EIAs also offer opportunities to promote equality.

Our research and equality

The paper below sets out our approach to equality in our research:

Ensuring equality in the Electoral Commission's research (PDF) 


Equality & diversity