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Public opinion surveys

We conduct public opinion research every winter and before and after electoral events.

Winter tracker research

Once a year, we conduct a UK-wide survey to find out the public's views on electoral issues such as the voting and registration process, party finance and electoral fraud.

The four most recent surveys are available below. The 2012, 2013 and 2014 research also included a black and minority ethnic (BME) groups boost element.

Winter tracker 2014

Winter tracker 2013

Winter tracker 2012

Winter tracker 2011

Winter tracker 2010

Winter tracker 2009

Post-election surveys

We also conduct annual public opinion surveys following elections.

May 2015 elections - UK general election, local and mayoral elections in England

September 2014 referendum – Scottish independence referendum

May 2014 elections – European and local elections

May 2013 elections – England and Wales

November 2012 PCC elections

May 2012 elections - England

May 2012 elections - Scotland

May 2012 elections - Wales

May 2012 elections – London Mayoral

May 2012 elections –Mayoral referendums

May 2011 elections and referendums

May 2010 elections

June 2009 elections

Campaign tracking research

To evaluate the effectiveness of our public awareness campaigns, we conduct tracking research before, during and after each election.

You can view the research from recent elections below: