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Electoral fraud data and analysis

On this page you can find police data on electoral fraud and our analysis of the data.

We collect, analyse and publish data from police forces about cases of alleged electoral fraud in the UK each year.

Our analysis of allegations of electoral fraud in 2014

You can read our latest analysis of allegations of electoral fraud in 2014 here.

Police data on electoral fraud in 2014

Below you can find the data behind our analysis of allegations of electoral fraud in 2014.

You can use our interactive tools to view the data. The raw data is also available in the spreadsheet below:

Note: Following discussion with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) we have agreed to delay the publication of data from the MPS for this year. This is because it contains information regarding ongoing investigations resulting from the Tower Hamlets election petition. Once these proceedings have been concluded we will update this information with data from the MPS. 

Chart 1: Allegations by outcome

You can use the tool below to view which categories of offence allegations fell into. Click on the different outcomes on the top-right to view how categories of allegation resulted in different outcomes.

You can use the drop down menu to view data for specific police force.

Chart 2: Allegations by police force and local authority

You can use the tool below to view the number of allegations received by police forces and local authorities.

Click on one of the allegation outcomes to view the police forces and local authorities where these outcomes were reached.

*This case involved a candidate who supplied an inaccurate registration form in order to support a nomination. This was classified as a nomination case, but the case summary linked it to false nomination.

Our analysis of allegations of electoral fraud

We analyse allegations of electoral fraud each year.

Police data on electoral fraud in previous years

We have now published historic data from 2010 and 2011. While every effort was made to ensure that this information is up to date in cooperation with the relevant police forces, this was not always possible due to the significant time which has elapsed since these cases were first recorded.

As a result, cases recorded as under investigation should be taken to only indicate that it was not possible to gain an update on the eventual outcome.

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