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Performance standards for Electoral Registration Officers

On this page you will find our assessments of performance by Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) in Great Britain.

Our reports assess how effectively EROs carry out their duty to maintain accurate and complete electoral registers.

Below you can find more information on:

  • the performance standards framework for EROs
  • our reports on performance of EROs
  • electoral registration data

Latest updates

  • Consultation on new performance standards for EROs


    The current standards, which were introduced in September 2013, were designed to support EROs in planning for and delivering the transition to Individual Electoral Registration (IER).

    As the transition to IER will end in December 2015, we have developed a proposed new set of standards for EROs which aims to support them in planning for and delivering well-run electoral registration services, across the whole of the UK.

    The consultation is now open and will run until 15 January 2016. We will publish the new standards in March 2016.

    We welcome your views and comments on the proposed new framework. You can email us or call your local Commission team.

    Read our consultation on new ERO performance standards (PDF)

Performance standards for EROs

We first published performance standards for EROs in July 2008.

Read our performance standards for EROs (July 2008 (PDF)

Given the significant change to existing processes that the transition to individual electoral registration (IER) will involve, we have developed a new performance standards framework to support EROs in meeting the challenges inherent in effectively delivering the transition to IER.

Find out more information about our new performance standards for EROs (September 2013) (PDF)

Alongside the new standards, we also published a paper which sets out our response to the points raised during the consultation on the proposed new performance standards and shows how we have changed the standards as part of that response.

Read our response to consultation on the proposed new performance standards (September 2013) (PDF) 

Reports and data

Below you can find our reports on ERO performance. You can also view all of the supporting information.




Reports on EROs who failed a performance standard in 2010, 2009 and 2008





Performance standards