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Donations and loans to political parties

There are rules controlling the donations and loans that political parties receive. This page contains an overview of the rules.

There are rules on who can make donations and loans to political parties and other campaigners. For instance, individuals can only donate if they are on an electoral register.

Parties have to record the donations and loans they receive, check they are from a permissible source, and report larger donations and loans to us. In Great Britain, we publish these donation and loan reports on our online database to ensure there is transparency about the funding of parties.

There are currently different rules on the reporting of donations and loans to parties in Northern Ireland. They must report donations and loans to us in the same way as parties in Great Britain. However, we are currently barred from publishing this information.

The Government has consulted on draft legislation which provides for more transparency on party funding in Northern Ireland. Once passed, this legislation will allow us to publish more information about the donations and loans that parties in Northern Ireland report to us.

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