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Performance standards

On this page you can view our directions to report for Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) and Returning Officers (ROs).

This page contains:

  • current directions for EROs and ROs to report to us against performance standards
  • links to returns for EROs and ROs to complete to report on their performance
To read about the background to performance standards and view the results of how EROs and ROs have performed against the standards visit our performance standards area of the website.

New performance standards for ROs – May 2014 polls

A 20% sample of ROs will be chosen to be monitored in the May 2014 polls. Selected ROs will be informed by their local Commission team no later than Friday 20 December. All RROs will be monitored for the May 2014 polls. We have produced a schedule noting what information the RROS and the selected ROs will need to submit and by when.

New performance standards for EROs – transition to individual electoral registration (IER)

Circular EC02/2013 issued on 17 September 2013 asked:

  • all EROs to provide a copy of their public engagement strategy by 5pm on Friday 18 October 2013
  • a sample of 25% of EROs to provide a copy of their implementation plan and risk register by 5pm on Friday 18 October
We will review all of the information and provide support to EROs where we identify that it is required by no later than 6 December 2013.

Performance standards for EROs – the 2013–14 household canvass

Circular EC01/2013 issued on 15 July 2013 asked:

  • all EROs to complete and submit a performance standards return by Friday 23 August 2013 in relation to the 2013–14 household canvass
  • a sample of EROs to provide supporting evidence as outlined in the standards

In addition to the submission of the online return, all EROs are also requested to complete and return a supplementary data collection form which will be used alongside the online return to enable us to make a better informed assessment of each ERO’s performance against the standards.

The deadline for submitting the data collection form is 28 February 2014 in England and 21 March 2014 in Scotland and Wales.

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