Who's in the House of Lords

Who's in the House of Lords

Members of the House of Lords bring experience and knowledge from a wide range of occupations. Many members continue to be active in their fields and have successful careers in business, culture, science, sports, academia, law, education, health and public service. They bring this knowledge to their role of examining matters of public interest that affect all UK citizens.

Members and their roles

Currently, there are about 790 members who are eligible to take part in the work of the House of Lords. The majority are life peers.

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The Lords has agreed a Code of Conduct, setting out the standards of conduct required of members of the House

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Find out more about allowances and expenses claimed by House of Lords members, and the current financial support system

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Members of the Lords examine matters of public interest, so you may find you want to get in touch with an individual Lord

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Using the correct title when writing to a House of Lords member

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