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These videos are taken from the Flickr Video Favorites group pool.
  • Strawberry HyperDrive by morozgrafix
  • fish2 by nebarnix
  • Paris. by Laura Ascari
  • Cloudscape Merchiston 2 by Dan (aka firrs)
  • Saturday by fraying
  • Swallows Swarm at Sunset by SeanTrek
  • Jellyfish by Bor Borren
  • Flying with Sheep by Shaun Matthews Photography
  • MVI_4365 by bhl
  • News From Nowhere by R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.
  • Rainy Day Copenhagen by Mikael Colville-Andersen
  • scenes from A Japanese Calligrapher by Louis-8
  • bay atmosphere by neb
  • Warm by Lars Kristian Boquist
  • 77 by Fu Ke
  • Koi by OldhaMedia
  • Pinwheel Round-a-bout by BY-YOUR-⌘
  • Los Heroes Hyperlapse by El Mono Matiz
  • Black Rain - 黑雨 (E-P1 Video + Original Music) by 深白色 (Arys Chien)
  • Carnivorous Plant Time Lapse: Cape Sundew (Drosera Capensis) "eating" a Fruit Fly by Schill
  • blended route [mutual-jarvis-bloor-avenue] by spDuchamp
  • Car Forest4.2 by Mike Orso
  • HATSUMOUDE by zeissizm
  • Alcatraz by log (Mirko)
  • A Short Remember... ( Watch it in HD ) by Luca Marini
  • Tippety Tappety Tip Tap Click by Charlie B Catt
  • Video - Autoportrait A by Neal Romanek
  • Inchworm by vai_boy
  • Taiwan Taichung City TimeLapse by Tim Lee 1022
  • Spouting Rock (video) by Jesse Varner
  • Cliffs of Moher by Hoffmann
  • Ferris Wheel by Andrew Curtis
  • Kikukawa Maru by huwp
  • Flying over Madrid at night (MVI_4520) by ricard67
  • Airport by Adam Metcalf [Transcendent Productions]
  • Thailand & Cambodia - Timelapse Compilation. - Explore Explored. by dcdfphotos

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