Scottish devolution source materials activity

Scottish devolution source materials activity

This source materials activity allows students to explore devolution in the UK and the relationship between the Scottish and UK Parliaments.

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Containing sources such as video interviews with MPs and Peers, extracts from select committee reports, and quotations from key parliamentarians, this resource allows students to explore the topic of devolution from a range of angles.

Learning outcomes

This activity supports the A Level Government & Politics syllabus.

Students will be able to:

  • distinguish between the powers of the UK Parliament and those of the Scottish Parliament
  • define key terms associated with different types of government, including: independence, sovereignty, autonomy, quasi-federalism and ‘devolution plus’
  • outline the history of the Union and Scotland’s involvement in the UK
  • consider a range of opinions and understand the benefits and problems of devolution, including the views of Scottish nationalists, unionists and the West Lothian question
  • understand and interpret a variety of source materials, using advanced writing skills to respond to them

Students answering the essay question will also:

  • carry out wider reading and research write about a complex issue, giving evidence to support their arguments

Practical information

This worksheet can be printed and handed out to students in class, complete with the ready-made sheet of questions to guide them through the sources. An optional essay question is also available as a follow-up activity or for homework.

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Supporting resources

Interview with Lord Wallace

Interview with Lord Wallace

A one-minute pro-Union interview about devolution in Scotland.

Interview with Pete Wishart MP

Interview with Pete Wishart MP

A one-minute pro-Scottish independence video on devolution.

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