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rail monopoly news – France and Germany’s railways are falling apart!

Lord Berkeley

Rail monopoly news.  An irregular comment paper from Tony Berkeley, 7 November 2015  France and Germany’s railways are falling apart; other member states may not wish to follow them. France and Germany still lobbied the Transport Council against the changes that could revitalise their railways. Now, with the EC/EP/Council Trilogues already started, I reflect on…

Germany and France still want their rail monopolies

Lord Berkeley

Message to the European Transport Council – 4th Railway Package – Germany and France still trying to kill the PSO issues and keep their monopolies!  Germany and France, whilst still opposing the 4th RP in the Council and Parliament, are already making sure it will have no effect in bringing competition to PSO contracts in…

Where is the Single Market in European Rail?

Lord Berkeley

Easter 2015 message from Tony Berkeley A single market in the rail sector is still years away, with Germany and France leading the opposition.   Another example…  Siamese twin rail monopolies; don’t be fooled by DB and SNCF introducing competition within themselves! France and Germany have long led the opposition to any competition above rail for…