MPs debate standards system and Code of Conduct

17 March 2015

MPs debated the standards system in the House of Commons and the Code of Conduct on Tuesday 17 March 2015.

MPs agreed changes to Standing Orders relating to the election of select committee chairs and on lay members of the Committee on Standards, and agreed changes to the Code of Conduct and Guide to the Rules. 

These changes will come into effect from the beginning of the next Parliament.

Related information

The standards system in the House of Commons

The House of Commons Standards Committee appointed three lay members in January 2013. The Committee published the lay members' reflections on their first year in the Committee in 8 April 2014.

As a result, the Committee set up a Standards Review Sub-Committee, chaired by one of the lay members, to conduct an inquiry to examine the standards system of the House, and to consider improvements.

Code of Conduct and Guide to the Rules Relating to the Conduct of Members

The House of Commons Code of Conduct sets out the principles and high level rules which should govern MPs' behaviour. It is accompanied by a more detailed Guide to the Rules which sets out the detailed requirements for registration and declaration of interests, and the rules relating to lobbying.

Watching proceedings from the public gallery

UK residents and overseas visitors can watch proceedings in the House of Commons by visiting the public gallery.

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