General election turnout

The lowest turnout in a general election was recorded in 1918 at 57.2 %, due to the end of the First World War. Between 1922 and 1997 turnout remained above 71 %. At the  2001 general election the turnout was 59.4 %;  in 2005 it was 61.4 %  and in 2010 it was 65.1% .


Electoral Commission reports

The Electoral Commission has published reports examining whether changing the current arrangements for voting will encourage more people to vote and there have been a number of pilots at local elections in recent years to try out some of the alternative measures suggested. These included:

  • allowing weekend voting

  • changing polling hours

  • opening polling stations in different locations

  • encouraging postal voting and early voting

The Hansard Society publishes an annual Audit of political engagement which can be found on its website; the latest report explores the decline in people’s propensity to vote.


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