House of Lords Works of Art Committee

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Members of the Committee

The Committee administers the House of Lords Works of Art Collection Fund and considers matters relating to the works of art and the artistic heritage in the House of Lords.

The Committee uses the Collection Fund, which is part of the annual works budget, to acquire works of art for the House’s permanent collection. It advises on matters such as the display and conservation of the works of art, decorative schemes and furniture. 

Terms of reference

  • to acquire works of art that depict the history of Parliament with particular emphasis on those occupied by the House of Lords
  • to commission works depicting contemporary events of historic significance within Parliament
  • to purchase decorative arts pieces, including furniture and historic objects relating to the House of Lords
  • to purchase works of art which reflect the identity and cultural diversity of the regions of the United Kingdom, which Parliament represents
  • to acquire views of areas of outstanding natural beauty, significant townscapes, historic monuments and buildings
Lady Antonia Fraser

Portrait of Lord Longford donated to the House of Lords.


Discover the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft through works in the Parliamentary Art Collection.