Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee

Committee status: The Committee was reappointed on 8 June 2015 to examine the policy merits of any statutory instruments or regulations laid before the House of Lords that are subject to parliamentary procedure.

The Committee usually meets every Tuesday when the House is sitting and aims to publish its report the following Thursday.

The Committee also considers Public Bodies Orders and whether they meet the tests set out in the Act. (see left hand side bar for further detail)

The Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee is the successor to the Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee which existed until the end of the 2010-12 session.

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Other Committees looking at SIs

Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee - scrutinises the proposals in Bills that give Ministers the power to make Statutory Instruments

Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments - a Committee of both Houses that scrutinises the legal drafting of Statutory Instruments

More information about SIs

Legislation.gov.uk - contains electronic versions of all statutory instruments since 1987