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Parliagender works on behalf of our members to raise awareness of gender inequality at every level and to work to achieve positive change. We identify and challenge structures and practices that lead to gender inequality or discrimination. We campaign for improvements, and provide training and support for our members.

Parliagender’s successes range from improved wellbeing services for MPs’ staff, to running a Women into Leadership mentoring project, to promoting flexible working for men, to providing new support for women MPs.

Parliagender offers its members help, advice and support in dealing with many issues of gender equality. We send out regular communications about gender in Parliament, hold events, and run equality analyses.


All parliamentary passholders, including Commons and Lords staff, MPs staff and contractors are welcome to join Parliagender, as are MPs and Peers. Membership is not restricted to people who require a platform relating to this WEN but those involved are required to respect the aims of the Network

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