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The Standing Orders of the House of Lords relating to Private Business

Here you can browse the current Standing Orders of the House of Lords relating to Private Business, as they were originally printed on 20 July 2005. The Standing Orders have been amended since their publication and these amendments can be found here.

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HL Standing Orders - Private Business - 2005 Edition (current)

Title and Contents
Standing Orders 1-106
Standing Orders 107-217
Appendix A and B
Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act 1936 (as amended)
Statutory Orders (Special Procedure) Act 1945 (as amended)
Statutory Orders (Special Procedure) (Substitution) Order 1949
Statutory Orders (Special Procedure) Order 1962

Amendments to the 2005 Edition

Amendment to the Standing Orders made on 30th October 2006 (HL Paper 262)
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Amendments to the Standing Orders made on 16th December 2009 (printed on 10th March 2010) (HL Paper 83)
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Amendments to the Standing Orders dated made on 30th July 2013 (HL Paper 52)
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Amendments to the Standing Orders made on 24th July 2014 (HL Paper 34)
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Electronic deposit of documents

On 30th July 2013 the House of Lords agreed an Order permitting the electronic deposit of any documents under Private Business Standing Orders in relation to the High Speed Rail (London West Midlands) Bill.

On 29th July 2014 this Order was extended to apply in Session 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Deposits made under Standing Order 1A

Standing Order 1A refers to deposits being made according to a list compiled by the Private Bill Office. The list is updated periodically and the current version is shown below.
SO 1A Lists for Departmental Deposits

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