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Take part in UK-wide events and activities and explore 800 years of the evolution of democracy.

2015 Events

2015 events

Find out what events are taking place as part of the 2015 Anniversaries programme:



On Sunday 14 June 2015 at 3pm, as part of a UK-wide event entitled LiberTeas, the whole nation will be encourage to sit down to tea to celebrate, debate or reflect on their liberties.

Parliamentary and local archives

Parliamentary Archives

The Parliamentary Archives will be working with partners across the UK on their De Montfort Project which links local communities, through their archives, to local parliamentary stories.

Arts and cultural projects

At the heart of the Parliament in the Making programme are several arts and cultural projects.

London Underground animations

King John seals Magna Carta

Animations spotlighting different moments from our democratic story

Video: A history of representation in nearly 60 seconds

Visit Parliament

Visiting Parliament

Parliament is open to all UK and overseas visitors to attend debates, watch committee hearings or take a tour inside one of the world’s most iconic buildings.