Private Bill Witness Database

Welcome to the Private Bill Witness database, an electronic tool for finding information about individuals who gave evidence before Opposed Private Bill Committees in Parliament in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

The records relating to Private Bills which are held by the Parliamentary Archives and indexed in this database will be of interest to family and local historians, and those interested in the development and routes of the UK's roads, railways and canals or other public works. The records are a rich resource, documenting the technological improvements and developments of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, how they affected people at all levels of society and impacted on the UK city, town, village and countryside.

To find out more about viewing or ordering copies of the original records, visit the Parliamentary Archives website.

Please note, the data in this system contains some typographical errors and other inaccuracies. We are still cleaning up the data, please be patient and do report any inaccuracies you find to the Parliamentary Archives.

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