Commons Private Members’ Bills: 22 November 2013

MPs debated report stage (day 2) of EU (Referendum) Bill

Second reading of Antarctic Bill and Presumption of Death Bill

MPs debate the principal measures contained in both Bills

Westminster Hall debates: 22 February 2012

MPs debated Sri Lanka, fishing quotas and fuel duty costs

Westminster Hall debates: 27 April 2011

MPs debate Zimbabwe, Irish communities, railways and coroners

Urgent question on Ian Tomlinson

Question on decision not to prosecute over the death of Ian Tomlinson

More coroners

Title Date
MPs debate the Coroners and Justice Bill 10.11.2009
Coroners and Justice Bill: second reading 19.05.2009
Coroners and Justice Bill: remaining stages 25.03.2009
Coroners and Justice Bill: report stage 24.03.2009
Coroners and Justice Bill Committee 25.02.2009
Coroners and Justice Bill 27.01.2009