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Browse carries most types of UK Legislation. The list below is a complete breakdown of the types of legislation held on this site. From this page you can select any legislation type and continue browsing or you can hover over the map to see which legislation types are applicable to the geographical area you are interested in.

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    The UK parliament has power to make legislation for the whole of the UK. However, the parliaments and assemblies of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have powers to make certain types of legislation specific to their geographical areas. This interactive map and legislation list aims to show the different legislation types that may be applicable to different areas.


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    Draft legislation is legislation that is awaiting approval. It generally either becomes law or in some cases is withdrawn. Also, sometimes draft legislation is replaced by another draft. For these reasons, these draft legislation types are not reflected by the interactive map above.


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    Impact Assessment are assessments of the likely cost, benefits and impacts of any legislation.