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05 January 2015

As the 2014-15 session continues on Tuesday 6 January 2015, find out where the Lords stands on the latest legislation and more.

Highlights this week include:

Other legislation currently in progress:

Modern Slavery Bill

The bill seeking to consolidate current offences relating to trafficking and slavery spent four days in committee stage, the chance for line by line scrutiny, in the Lords. Committee stage concluded on Wednesday 10 December. The bill now moves to report stage, a chance for further scrutiny. A date is yet to be scheduled.

Serious Crime Bill

The Serious Crime Bill had its third reading, a final chance to tidy up the bill and make changes, in the House of Lords on Wednesday 5 November. It has now been sent to the House of Commons for its consideration.

Infrastructure Bill

The Infrastructure Bill sets out a framework for the government’s proposals to fund, plan, manage and maintain the UK’s national infrastructure. It completed its third reading, a final chance to tidy up the bill and make changes, in the Lords on Wednesday 19 November and is now being considered by the House of Commons.

Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

The bill sets out changes in how offenders are dealt with before and after conviction, proposals covering the proceedings and powers of courts and tribunals, and proposals to change the system of judicial review. Members of the Lords considered Commons' changes to the bill on Tuesday 9 December. There were four votes in the chamber and the bill was returned to the House of Commons.

Lords committee work

The Lords Constitution Committee opens its inquiry into relations between the UK government and the devolved administrations on Wednesday 7 January.

Also on Wednesday 7 January, the EU Justice, Institutions and Consumer Protection Sub-Committee continues its inquiry into the UK's opt-in policy and its application to international agreements.

Future business

There are a number of ways to keep up to date with business in the Lords:

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