'Inside the Commons' broadcast on BBC Two

'Inside the Commons' broadcast on BBC
03 February 2015

The first episode of the Michael Cockerell documentary 'Inside the Commons' was broadcast on BBC Two on Tuesday 3 February 2015.

Following over a year of behind the scenes access to the House of Commons, the episode focused on major events in the Commons calendar such as the Budget Statement and Prime Minister's Questions, as well as the making of amendments to legislation and the cleaning of the Great Clock.

The House of Commons Commission agreed to allow access for the documentary film-crew on 15 July 2013.

Inside the Commons: Lifting the Lid

The first episode of the series will be available on BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast.

Find out more about some of the subjects featured in this episode:

The Budget

The Budget Statement is presented to the House of Commons by the Chancellor of the Exchequer each year.

Traditions and Customs

This Commons Library briefing paper outlines a number of the lesser-known customs, procedures and behaviours of the House of Commons.

Women in Parliament

This Commons Library briefing paper shows how the number of women in Parliament has changed since 1918, when women first became eligible to be elected as MPs.


The Restoration and Renewal Programme has been established to tackle the significant work that needs to be done to protect the heritage of the Palace of Westminster.

Legislation: Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

The final stage of the Bill’s passage through Parliament is Royal Assent, when the Bill becomes an Act of Parliament. A date for Royal Assent has yet to be set.

Upcoming episodes

  • Episode 2 – Upstairs, downstairs (10 February)
  • Episode 3 – Party games (17 February)
  • Episode 4 – Reinventing the House (24 February) 

All episodes will air on BBC Two at 9pm (except in Scotland where it will air at 11.50pm).

Image: During the week of 18 August 2014, Parliament's Great Clock underwent essential maintenance. Parliamentary copyright/Stephen Pike.

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