Comparing elections in the UK and USA


This 5 minute video introduces A Level Government and Politics students to the key features of elections, democracy and representation in the USA.

It can be used for revision or to kick-off this topic by comparing elections in the USA and UK.

Time required: 5 minutes

Learning outcomes

This video supports the A Level Government and Politics syllabus.

Students will:


  • learn about US elections for the presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate
  • look at how different states are represented
  • understand the role of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the President, and compare them to the role of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the monarch in the UK
  • learn about the First Past the Post electoral system used for US and UK elections
  • take a closer look at the how presidential elections are run and the campaigns leading up to them
  • understand key terms relating to US elections including: presidential candidate, the ticket, running mate, rally, electoral college system, Republican, Democrat. 

Practical information

This film uses Flash. You can download this free software and the latest version is: Flash plug-in (link opens in new window). To view it in a wider range of formats, it is also available on the UK Parliament YouTube channel.

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