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05.02.2015Housing Market
Housing Market: Data on house prices from the Nationwide and Halifax, mortgage approvals and house-building.
04.02.2015Planning Reform Proposals
Planning reform proposals to change planning law and policy have been set out by Government in a technical consultation on planning, the National Infrastructure Plan and Autumn Statement. These include changes to permitted development rights, proposals to get more brownfield land back into use and reform of the compulsory purchase regime, among others.
02.02.2015Building the new private rented sector: issues and prospects (England)
Building more private rented sector homes: Looking at measures by the Coalition Government, and policy proposals from those within the sector, to increase the supply of privately rented properties in England.
16.01.2015Homeless households in temporary accommodation (England)
This note provides background to the increase in the number of homeless households placed in temporary accommodation by local authorities and outlines various initiatives to reduce those numbers.
16.01.2015Homelessness in England
This note provides statistics on statutory homelessness and explains local authorities' duties to assist homeless households. The note gives an overview of Government policy in this area.
05.01.2015Rent setting for social housing tenancies (England)
This note explains policy developments in relation to setting social housing rent levels in England since 2002.
31.12.2014Planning for Housing
It is Government policy to encourage more house building within the planning system. This note sets out how local authorities are directed to plan for housing.
31.12.2014Garden Cities
New garden cities have been proposed as one way to meet the housing shortfall. A new garden city has been proposed at Ebbsfleet and the Government has published a prospectus detailing Government support for new garden city proposals. A number of studies propose different models for delivering garden cities. This note sets out what has been proposed so far for new garden cities in the future.
30.12.2014The Affordable Homes Bill 2014-15
This note provides background information on the Bill's provisions and summarises the content of the Bill. The Bill's Committee Stage was adjourned on 29 October 2014 as a money resolution must be passed in order for it to progress any further.
30.12.2014Tenancies (Reform) Bill 2014-15 (retaliatory eviction)
This note explains the law in relation to retaliatory eviction and evidence around the extent to which it occurs, before going on to explain the measures contained in the Tenancies (Reform) Bill.
30.12.2014Long leaseholders: building insurance requirements
This note explains how and why long leaseholders are (often) required to organise their buildings insurance with a company nominated by their freeholders.
29.12.2014Under-occupation of social housing: Housing Benefit entitlement
This note provides information on under-occupation in the social rented sector and explains who is affected by the under-occupation deductions from Housing Benefit (also referred to as the Spare Room Subsidy or the bedroom tax) which were implemented in April 2013. The note summarises legal challenges to the HB deductions and the responses by landlords and tenants.
29.12.2014The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Bill 2014-15
This note explains existing intiatives to promote the self/custom build sector and provides an overview of the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Bill's provisions. This Private Member's Bill builds on existing Government initiatives, particularly the proposed 'Right to Build', with the aim of increasing the number of self/custom built properties in England and Wales.
15.12.2014The impact of the under-occupation deduction from Housing Benefit (social rented housing)
This note summarises some key findings of the ongoing studies into the impact of the under-occupation deduction from Housing Benefit (also referred to as the 'spare room subsidy' or 'bedroom tax').
09.12.2014Stimulating housing supply - Government initiatives
This note summarises measures taken by the Government to increase housing supply.
03.12.2014Autumn Statement 2014: a summary
This note provides a summary of the 2014 Autumn Statement, including changes to Stamp Duty, and the Office for Budget Responsibility's (OBR) latest economic and fiscal forecasts.
28.11.2014Leaseholders in social housing: paying for major works (England)
An explanation of the assistance available to assist long leaseholders of social landlords in paying for major works. In August 2014 the Government introduced a cap on the amount that can be recovered from these long leaseholders where the work has been carried out with funding from central Government. The cap has been referred to as "Florrie's law."
26.11.2014Housing Benefit: Shared Accommodation Rate
The Shared Accommodation Rate (SAR) limits the amount of Housing Benefit that single person under the age of 35 can receive. This note provides background information on the operation of the SAR and its extension in January 2012 to claimants under age 35.
26.11.2014The New Homes Bonus Scheme
The New Homes Bonus is a Government scheme which is aimed at encouraging local authorities to grant planning permissions for the building of new homes in return for additional revenue. This note explains how the New Homes Bonus works and provides comment on its impact to date.
24.11.2014Votes in Parliament on the under-occupation deduction from Housing Benefit
This note provides information on when divisions (votes) concerning this measure (referred to as the 'bedroom tax' and also the 'spare room subsidy' have taken place in Parliament and on the outcome of those divisions. Details are provided on how the different Parties voted.
24.11.2014Mobile (park homes): 10% commission on sales
This note explains the requirement to pay 10% commission on the sale price of a mobile home to the site owner and provides information on various reviews of that requirement. Mobile home owners regard the charge as "unfair and out of date."
17.11.2014Private Landlords: Duty to Carry out Immigration Checks
This Library Note sets out details of private sector landlords' new obligations to carry out immigration checks on tenants, brought in as part of the Immigration Act 2014
17.11.2014Housing mobility schemes
Housing mobility schemes enable local authority and housing association tenants to relocate from their current area to other parts of the country. This is an overview of the history of mobility schemes and Government policy. It covers the Housing and Mobility Exchange Service (HOMES), the LAWN and Seaside and Country Homes schemes, Scout Solutions Projects Ltd. and MoveUK, the Hosing Mobility Tasklforce, the Housing Corporation review, HomeSwap Direct, Right to Move, the Localism Act and mutual exchange.
17.11.2014Land Value Taxation
This note discusses recent debates over the case for taxing land values and proposals for a 'mansions tax' - an annual levy on the most valuable residential properties.
10.11.2014Retirement homes - exit fees
This note explains action taken by the Office of Fair Trading to investigate 'exit fees' charged by managing agents or freeholders when an owner of a retirement flat wants to sell or rent out their home.
03.11.2014Anti-social behaviour in social housing
This note gives an overview of the remedies available to social landlords to deal with tenants who exhibit anti-social behaviour; a term which covers a disparate and broad range of conduct from tensions between neighbours to violent and intimidatory behaviour.
29.10.2014Can private landlords refuse to let to Housing Benefit claimants?
There is some evidence to suggest that private landlords are reluctant to let to prospective tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit. This note explains the reasons for that reluctance and why it is not unlawful.
21.10.2014Self-build and custom build housing sector
This note describes various initiatives aimed at growing the self-build and custom build housing sectors. Both self-build and custom build provide routes into home ownership for individuals and groups who want to play a role in developing their own homes.
15.10.2014The regulation of private sector letting and managing agents (England)
There is no overarching statutory regulation of private sector letting or managing agents in England but since 1 October 2014 they have been required to be members of an approved redress scheme. This note considers evidence and issues around the regulation of private sector letting and managing agents.
15.10.2014House prices: Social Indicators page
The average UK property price increased from 170,918 to 188,810 in the year to Q3 2014, a 10.5% increase.
22.09.2014Housing Benefit: Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs)
Increasing the level of funding for Discretionary Housing Payments has been one of the ways in which the Government has sought to mitigate the impact of some of the reductions to Housing Benefit entitlement. Emerging evidence on the use of DHPs has raised questions around the adoption of different practices by local authorities. This note explains the funding position and considers evidence (to date) on how DHPs are allocated.
16.09.2014Housebuilding: Social Indicators page
140,860 permanent dwellings were completed in the UK in 2013/14, an increase of 4% on 2012/13 (itself a post-war low) but relatively low historically.
11.09.2014Gazumping - a comparison of the English and Scottish conveyancing systems
Constituents who have been 'gazumped' frequently ask why the Government does not act to make gazumping illegal in England and Wales. Specifically, they ask why the Government does not introduce the Scottish system of conveyancing. This note provides an overview and comparison of the two systems of conveyancing. The current Government has said that it has no plans to reform the conveyancing system at this time.
08.09.2014Tenants' deposits
This note explains the requirement on landlords to place certain tenants' deposits in a statutory tenants' deposit scheme.
30.06.2014Succession rights and social housing
This note gives an overview of the statutory rights of occupiers of social housing in England and Wales to succeed to a tenancy on the death of the previous sole or joint tenant.
23.06.2014Housing demand and need (England)
This note provides information on estimates of housing need and demand in England. It includes information on some of the main factors which influence demand and need for housing.
23.06.2014Incentivising the Right to Buy
In October 2011 the Prime Minister said he wanted to 'raise Right to Buy discounts to a level which will make the scheme attractive again and rejuvenate the housing stock.' This note summarises various changes to the Right to Buy (RTB) in England and reactions to those changes.
17.06.2014EU migrants: eligibility to apply for social housing (England)
This note gives an overview of EU migrants' eligibility to apply for social housing in England and considers the question of whether these people have preferential access to social housing and can 'jump the housing queue.'
17.06.2014Eligibility to apply for social housing: persons from abroad (non-EEA)
This note provides an overview of the rights of persons from abroad (countries outside the EEA) to access social housing in England, including UK nationals returning from living abroad.
12.05.2014Council Tax Reduction Schemes
This note provides information on the implementation of Council Tax Reduction Schemes from 1 April 2013.
28.04.2014Overcrowded housing (England)
This note explains the statutory overcrowding standard and Government initiatives to tackle overcrowded housing.
24.04.2014Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2013
This Act has strengthened the powers of social landlords to tackle tenants who sublet the whole of their dwellings for a profit.
23.04.2014Mobile Homes Act 2013
This note provides background to, and explains the provisions in, the Mobile Homes Act 2013. The Act is aimed at improving conditions on permanent mobile home sites and strengthening the rights of mobile home owners on these sites.
16.04.2014Housing ex-offenders (England)
This note outlines the duties of local authorities in relation to the housing of ex-offenders and includes reference to established good practice in this area.
08.04.2014Extending home ownership: Government initiatives
An overview of Government low cost home ownership initiatives together with comment on the impact of these schemes.
04.04.2014Rough sleeping (England)
Rough sleepers. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/2007. Information on rough sleeping and Government policy to tackle this issue.
27.03.2014The Household Benefit Cap
This note explains how the household benefit cap will operate and summarises reactions to it, including attempts to amend the benefit cap as the Welfare Reform Act progressed through Parliament.
28.02.2014Selective licensing of private landlords (England & Wales)
An overview of local authorities' powers to license private sector rented properties other than houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).
28.02.2014The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)
In 2006 the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) replaced the Housing Fitness Standard as the means for assessing standards in residential accommodation in England and Wales. It enables environmental health officers to assess housing conditions and take enforcement action in certain cirucmstances.
25.02.2014Allocating social housing (England)
This note outlines the legal framework contained in Part 6 of the 1996 Housing Act (as amended) within which local authorities in England allocate their housing stock.
12.02.2014Housing association tenants: right to buy
Most housing association tenants do not have the right to buy their home. This note explains the position and outlines some alternative options.
10.02.2014Paying the housing element of Universal Credit direct to tenants in social rented housing
This note explains the Government's intention that social housing tenants in receipt of assistance with their housing costs should take responsibility for passing this assistance to their landlords when Universal Credit is phased in from April 2013.
06.02.2014Housing Benefit: withdrawing entitlement from the under 25s
This note considers the status of this "proposal," evidence on its potential impact, and provides comment from housing organisations and those working with young homeless people.
27.01.2014Immigration Bill: Committee Stage Report
The Immigration Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on 10 October 2013 and had its Second Reading on 22 October. It is due to have Report stage and Third Reading on 30 January 2014. This Note discusses the main issues debated in Public Bill Committee.
24.01.2014Social housing tenants (England): Pay to stay
This note provides information on the 'pay to stay' scheme for social housing in England proposed by the Government in 2011 and confirmed in the 2013 Budget announcement. The note includes the responses received to the Government's 2012 High Income Social Tenants: pay to stay, consultation and information on the new guidance for rent setting for local authorities.
13.01.2014The Fair Rents Regime
This note explains who is entitled to a 'fair rent' and how these rents are set.
09.01.2014Mortgage Arrears and Repossessions
This note explains Government measures to assist people who are struggling to meet their mortgage commitments.
30.12.2013Houses in multiple occupation
Houses in multiple occupation. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/708. An overview of the powers local authorities have to control standards in HMOs.
30.12.2013The reform of Housing Benefit (Local Housing Allowance) for tenants in private rented housing
This note discusses the implementation of the LHA since 7 April 2008 and the reform of Housing Benefit for private tenants.
30.12.2013Houses in multiple occupation & the Use Classes Order
This note explains the powers local authorities have via the planning system to limit the development of new houses in multiple occupation.
23.12.2013Housing Benefit: under-occupation in the private rented sector
This note explains issues around the application of the size criteria to people under-occupying their homes in the private rented sector and who are in receipt of Housing Benefit.
23.12.2013Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Bill 2013-14
The aim of this Private Member's Bill is to assist long leaseholders of flats who are unable to sign the legal notices necessary to trigger an individual lease renewal or the collective enfranchisement process. This note provides background to the Bill and its purpose.
18.12.2013Disabled facilities grants (DFGs)
Disabled facilities grants (DFGs). By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/3011. This note provides an overview of entitlement to disabled facilities grants and the process by which they are funded.
11.12.2013Local housing authorities - the self-financing regime: progress and issues
This note explains the implications of local housing authorities (with retained stock) moving to a self-financing regime from April 2012. It considers what use authorities are making of their new financial freedoms and the case for some continuing restrictions (borrowing caps) to be lifted.
25.11.2013Community Land Trusts
This note provides an introduction to Community Land Trusts and Government policy in this area.
21.11.2013Rent control in the private rented sector (England)
This note provides information on rent regulation and the private rented sector from the 1988 Housing Act onwards, and sets out the arguments that have been made for and against controlling rents in the private sector.
18.11.2013Zero Carbon Homes
This note covers the proposal for zero carbon homes from 2016.
30.10.2013Housing Market Renewal Pathfinders
This note provides information on the Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder programme which was initiated under the Labour Government.
22.10.2013The historical context of rent control in the private rented sector
This note provides historical background to the introduction and impact of rent control, its continued use until January 1989 and its use in other European countries.
11.10.2013Measures to reduce Housing Benefit expenditure - an overview
This note outlines all the measures aimed at reducing Housing Benefit expenditure set out in the June 2010 Budget and the October 2010 Spending Review, together with comment and an assessment of the impact of those measures.
04.06.2013Empty housing
Empty housing. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/3012. This note outlines local authorities' powers to tackle empty housing; discusses Government action around this issue and sets out the further measures that campaigning organisations are requesting.
30.05.2013Mobile (park) homes
Mobile homes. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/1080. This note outlines the rights of residents who live on mobile home parks.
28.05.2013Support for Mortgage Interest scheme
Help with mortgage costs is available to claimants of certain means-tested benefits for people not in full-time work. The schemes are collectively known as Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI). Payments are made towards mortgage interest payments and are generally made direct to lenders.
22.05.2013Housing complaints - the role of designated persons
This note provides information on the new role introduced by the Localism Act 2011 for "designated persons" in relation to complaints against social landlords by their tenants.
18.03.2013Affordable Rent Model
This note provides an overview of the Goverment's Affordable Rent Model and summarises some key associated issues.
04.03.2013Co-ownership of real property
People who join together to buy real property (a house, flat, land) are known as co-owners. Typically, this may mean a couple in a relationship, whether married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting, or friends, who jointly buy a property to live in. There are two ways in which two or more people may hold (own) the underlying benefit in a property - as 'beneficial joint tenants' or as 'tenants in common'.
11.01.2013Constituency casework: housing (England)
A guide to sources for answering common constituents' housing problems.
28.12.2012Housing options for ex-service personnel
This note provides an overview of the housing options available to ex-service personnel in England.
24.10.2012Squatting in residential premises
Squatting. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/355. This note outlines the legal remedies available to evict squatters from residential premises.
29.05.2012Regional house prices: affordability and income ratios
In 2011 the ratio of lower quartile house price to lower quartile earnings in England was 6.5. The highest ratios are found in London (9.0), the South East (8.2) and the South West (7.8).
26.04.2012Warden support in sheltered housing
This note considers the issue of the removal of resident wardens from sheltered housing and the move towards a model of "floating support".
04.08.2011The reform of Housing Revenue Account Subsidy
This note provides background on the old Housing Revenue Account (HRA) subsidy system and considers some of the issues associated with it up to its abolition in April 2012. This note will not be updated - information on the self-financing regime now in operation can be found in Library note SN/SP/6776 Local housing authorities - the self-financing regime: progress and issues.
27.05.2011Household projections in England and the Regions: 2008 - 2033
This note examines the 2008-based household projections for England and the regions from 2008 to 2033. The number of households in England is projected to increase from 21.7 million in 2008 to 27.5 million by 2033, an increase of 5.8 million or 27%. This is equivalent to an average annual increase of around 232,000 households.
06.05.2011New Homes Bonus: Statistics
This article provides statistics on the 2011/12 New Homes Bonus scheme grants. Approximately £200m has been allocated to local authorities through the scheme in its first year.
30.03.2011Eco Towns
This note describes the Government programme of new settlements based on ecological principles, along with comment and criticism.
17.02.2011Welfare Reform and the Universal Credit
On 11 November 2010 the Government set out plans for a 'Universal Credit' to replace most in work and out of work benefits for people of working age. This note gives an overview of the main features of the Universal Credit and looks at some of the issues raised by the proposals.
15.02.2011Repossessions and mortgage arrears: statistics
Repossessions and mortgage arrears: statistics. By Rachael Harker. SN/SG/263. This Note details trends in housing repossessions and mortgage arrears.
10.10.2008The UK Housing market
19.08.20082008 Housing and Regeneration Act - key amendments
A brief guide to the key amendments made during the Act's progress through parliament.
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04.12.2014Infrastructure Bill [HL]
This is a 'portmanteau' bill, covering a number of separate but related areas.
03.09.2014Social Indicators
This Research Paper summarises a wide range of social statistics. Subjects covered include agriculture, crime, defence, education, elections, environment and energy, health, housing, local government, population and migration, social security and transport.
12.05.2014Deregulation Bill: Committee Stage Report
The Bill proposes a range of measures in line with the Government's aim to reduce regulatory burdens on businesses and public authorities.
30.01.2014Deregulation Bill
The Bill proposes a range of measures in line with the Government's aim to reduce burdens on businesses and public authorities.
17.10.2013Immigration Bill
The Immigration Bill would significantly reduce migrants' rights of appeal; restrict access to services including private rented accommodation, bank accounts and NHS services by reference to immigration status; establish new arrangements for investigating sham marriages and examining persons departing the UK; and make various other changes related to immigration controls.
13.12.2012Growth and Infrastructure Bill: Committee Stage Report
This is a report on the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill. It complements Research Paper 12/61 prepared for Commons Second Reading
01.11.2012Growth and Infrastructure Bill
The Growth and Infrastructure Bill seeks to reduce delays in the planning system and to facilitate new development, through various means. It would allow planning obligations (section 106 agreements) relating to affordable housing to be renegotiated. To promote economic growth, it makes provision for a planned revaluation of business rates in England to be postponed and to create a new employment status of employee owner. Its second reading date has been moved from 30 October to 5 November 2012.
26.07.2012Olympic Britain
Olympic Britain tells the story of the profound economic and social change in the UK since the two previous London Olympics, in 1908 and 1948, using statistics and expert analysis. The book can also be browsed using the Parliament website at www.parliament.uk/business/publications/research/olympic-britain/
16.07.2012The Supporting People programme
This paper sets out the Supporting People policy, intended to fund services to help vulnerable people live independently and first introduced by the Labour Government in April 2003. Initially a ring fenced grant to local authorities of 1.8 billion, it was estimated in 2009 that the net financial benefits of the programme were 3.41 billion.
12.04.2011Localism Bill: Committee Stage Report
This paper covers the Commons Committee Stage of the Bill, and complements Research Papers 11/02 and 11/03, prepared for Second Reading. The Bill covers a wide range of topics in local government, planning, housing and the governance of London. It was not substantially amended in Committee, although there were some minor technical Government amendments. However, at several points, Ministers agreed to look again at certain issues and consider whether to introduce amendments at Report Stage.
11.01.2011Localism Bill: Planning and Housing
This paper covers three parts of the Bill: Part 5 of the Bill will abolish regional planning, introduce a neighbourhood planning regime and abolish the Infrastructure Planning Commission. Part 6 of the Bill will make significant changes to the way in which social housing is provided and will also repeal the legislation governing the provision of Home Information Packs (HIPs). This Part includes provisions that will enable the long awaited reform of council housing finance. Part 7 of the Bill will make changes to housing and regeneration functions in London. It will abolish the London Development Agency and introduce a regime for Mayoral Development Corporations. Changes to Greater London Authority governance will allow the delegation of functions by Ministers to the Mayor.
10.11.2010Home Information Packs: a short history
This paper provides background information on the introduction of HIPs and a chronology of key developments during their long implementation period up to their suspension in May 2010.
06.07.2010Economic indicators, July 2010
This Research Paper series summarises the main economic indicators currently available for the UK, along with comparisons with other major OECD countries. This edition includes articles on future growth in the UK economy, and the CPI and benefit indexation. [article:'Future growth in the UK economy' and 'The CPI and benefit indexation']
22.02.2010Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants Etc.) Bill: Committee Stage Report
This paper summarises the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Bill. In July 2009 the Government announced that it would legislate to ensure that tenants are given adequate notice to vacate their property if their landlord defaults on their mortgage. Over the summer of 2009, the Government consulted on legislative options to achieve this. On 3 December 2009, Dr Brian Iddon announced that he would introduce a Private Members' Bill to protect private tenants whose landlords default on their mortgage. The Bill has Government support.
25.01.2010Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants Etc.) Bill Bill 15 of 2009/10
The main purpose of the Bill is to offer protection to tenants of rental properties whose landlord has both defaulted on his mortgage and not notified his lender that the property was being let (an 'unauthorised tenancy'). The Bill gives courts power to postpone the delivery of a possession order, and to stay or suspend the execution of an existing possession order. It also ensures the tenant is given notice of a possession order before its execution.
24.07.2009Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill [HL]: Committee Stage Report
This report covers the Committee Stage of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill (HL) 2008-09. The Bill implements a number of community empowerment measuresoutlined in the white paper - Communities in control: real people, real power (Cm 7427). It also implements changes in relation to regional and sub-regional economic development and planning. See also Research Papers 09/45 and 09/46.
15.05.2009Local Democracy, Economic Development & Construction Bill [HL]: Democracy and involvement aspects (Bill 93 of 2008-09).
This paper covers parts 1 to 3 of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill [HL]. The Bill implements a number of community empowerment measures outlined in the white paper - Communities in Control: real people, real power (Cm 7427). Other provisions concern a) tenants' representation, b) audit of entities connected with local authorities, and c) replacement of the Boundary Committee for England with an independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England. See also Library Research Paper 09/46, for coverage of parts 4 to 8 of the Bill which relate to economic and regional matters and construction contracts.
14.01.2009Social Indicators
This Research Paper summarises a wide range of social statistics. Subjects covered include crime and justice, defence, education, elections, health and population. This edition of Social Indicators includes an article from the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, Washington , D.C.. This edition includes: Social background of the United States Congress 2009 Local authority finance in a recession 2011 UK Census of Population Underage drinking Excess winter mortality
08.10.2008Social Indicators
This Research Paper summarises a wide range of social statistics. Subjects covered include crime and justice, defence, education, elections, health and population. This edition of Social Indicators includes an article from the Research Service of the Parliament of Australia on the immigration of highly skilled workers. This edition includes articles: - Recent trends in skilled migration to Australia - Energy price rises and their impact on demand - The UK Housing market And topical subject page on - US elections 2008
25.07.2008Impacts of immigration
This paper examines reports and evidence on the effects which immigration is having on communities and public services throughout the UK.
18.03.2008Housing and Regeneration Bill: Committee Stage Report
22.11.2007Housing and Regeneration Bill, Bill 8 of 2007-08
Housing and Regeneration Bill. (Bill 8 of 2007/08). House of Commons Library Research Paper 07/79.
20.02.2007Greater London Authority Bill 2006-07; Committee Stage Report
14.02.2007Planning-gain Supplement (Preparations) Bill; Committee Stage Report
31.01.2007The Land Use (Gardens Protection etc) Bill
10.01.2007The Planning-gain Supplement (Preparations) Bill
12.12.2006Greater London Authority Bill (Bill 11 of 2006-07)
The Greater London Authority Bill (Bill 11 2006-07). House of Commons Library Research Paper 06/60
18.08.2006Affordable housing in England
05.01.2004Housing Bill (Bill 11 2003/04)
Housing Bill (Bill 11 2003/04). House of Commons Library Research Paper 04/02.
21.11.2001Land Registration Bill (HL) (Bill 48 of 2001-02)
Land Registration Bill (HL) (Bill 48 of 2001/02). House of Commons Library Research Paper 01/103
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10 Select Committee Reports
12.01.2011PFI in housing and hospitals.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
30.03.2010Housing in the South East.
South East Select Committee report [Commons]
29.03.2010Planning for the Future: Housing and Economic Development in the West Midlands.
West Midlands Select Committee report [Commons]
10.03.2010The Decent Homes Programme.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
04.02.2010Proposed National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Housing) Order 2009, relating to domestic...
Government response. Office of the Secretary of State for Wales; Welsh Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]
28.01.2010Proposed National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Housing and Local Government) Order 2010,...
Welsh Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]
15.12.2009Proposed National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Housing) Order 2009, relating to domestic...
Welsh Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]
07.07.2009Housing and the credit crunch: follow-up.
Communities and Local Government Select Committee report [Commons]
29.06.2009The warm front scheme.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
10.02.2009Housing and the credit crunch.
Communities and Local Government Select Committee report [Commons]