Ambulance services

Standard Notes

06.02.2015NHS Winter Pressures 2014/15
During the winter months, NHS England publishes daily situation reports on winter pressures facing acute hospital trusts. These cover pressures such as accident and emergency diverts, ambulances queueing, bed days lost to norovirus closures, delayed transfers of care, cancelled operations, and trolley waits. This note summarises figures for 2014/15 (up to 25th January) and compares them with the equivalent periods in 2013/14 and 2012/13. Data for individual hospital trusts or areas is available on the NHS statistical website and can be compiled or analysed by the Library on request.
08.01.2015Accident and Emergency Care in the UK: Statistics
What statistics are available on Accident & Emergency facilities in the UK, and what do they show? This note provides summaries and visualisations of a wide range of NHS A&E trends, including: levels of attendance over time; attendance by age, time and day of the week; various measures of waiting times; reason for attendance; and unplanned re-attendance. It also explores the extent and limitations of the available data sources.
30.12.2014NHS Wales Statistics
How does the NHS perform in Wales? Key statistics on hospital attendance and waiting lists, accident and emergency waiting times, ambulance quality, waiting times for diagnostic tests, cancer waiting times, staff numbers, and expenditure.
11.03.2014NHS Activity Statistics: England
How many people attend accident and emergency departments? What are the recent trends for the number of heart bypass operations? Have cancer waiting times improved in the last decade? In answering these and other related questions, this note analyses a range of measures of NHS activity in England.

Research Papers

14.04.2014Accident and Emergency Performance: England 2013/14
How many people attended accident and emergency departments in 2013/14? What was the pattern of A&E attendance across the year and across the country? How do NHS trusts compare on key performance metrics such as waiting times?

Early Day Motions

That this House notes that, whilst the Lifeboat Service has been exempt from VAT on fuel costs since 1977, a similar privilege has not been afforded to the Air Ambulance Service; further ...
That this House expresses concern at the replacing of conventional two-person crewed ambulances with single-staffed fast response vehicles, a practice which is currently occurring in ...
That this House applauds the invaluable work undertaken by specialist trauma response teams that provide life-saving and expert treatment to patients at the incident location; notes ...
That this House notes that many ambulance trusts have removed from ambulance technicians the authorisation to administer diazepam to patients who are experiencing a serious fit; is ...
That this House notes with alarm the number of assaults on paramedics in the UK; expresses deep concern that in 2006-07 there were 1,006 physical assaults against ambulance staff in ...


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