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This animation and supporting films and resources are ideal for exploring how the House of Lords works with key stage 3, 4 and A level students.

This teaching resource includes:

  • a ‘Jump Start’ animation introducing how the House of Lords works (3.33 mins)
  • a ‘Public Pops’ opinion poll video to spark classroom debate (2.16 mins)
  • a short ‘Day in the Life’ film following the passage of a Bill through Parliament (3.56 mins)

Links to the ‘Public Pops’ and ‘Day in the Life’ videos are at the bottom of this page.

The videos can be watched as standalone resources or you can download the supporting teachers’ pack which includes:

  • background information about who is in the House of Lords
  • debate cards to use alongside the ‘Public Pops’ film
  • a The Passage of a Bill handout
  • instructions and worksheets for a Create a Bill classroom activity

Time required: 30 minutes

Learning outcomes

Students must (all):

  • Understand that creating laws (legislation) is a main function of the House of Lords
  • Understand the difference between a bill and a law
  • Work in groups to create a bill, which is voted on by the class

Should (most):

  • Have expressed their own opinions to others through discussion, debate and voting
  • Understand that a draft law goes through many stages within Parliament before becoming a law

Could (some):

  • Have engaged with and reflected on different ideas, opinions, beliefs and values when exploring a topical issue
  • Have empathised with other people’s points of view

Practical information

You will need:

  • ‘Jump Start’ animation ready to view
  • additional ‘Public Pops’ and ‘Day in the Life’ videos ready to view (optional)
  • copies of background information and worksheets – provided in Teachers’ Pack (optional)
  • paper and pens (optional)
  • internet (optional)

You can order a free DVD which contains all nine House of Lords What, Who and How films by contacting:

Edcoms, FREEPOST RR59, Lakeside, Rochester, Kent ME2 4BR
Tel: 0871 472 3016 Fax: 01634 290 175

Please state the number of DVDs you require (maximum of five per school per order). Please allow 10 working days for your order to arrive.


A day in the life video

A day in the life video

A short video following the passage of a Bill through Parliament

Public pops video

Public pops video

A short video of different views on the House of Lords, to spark classroom debate

Teachers' pack

Suggestions for classroom activities using the video resources

pdf file - 1.25 MB
PDF download

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