Get the Houses in Order! game

Get the Houses in Order! game

‘Get the Houses in Order’ is a memory game and educational activity for key stage 2 students learning about Parliament, democracy and the Palace of Westminster.

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The game challenges students to compete against the clock as they rebuild a series of iconic and inspiring Parliamentary rooms, including the House of Commons and House of Lords chambers, before the Queen arrives.

Along the way students will learn what Parliament does and how it is relevant to their lives, in a fun and engaging way.

Time required: 20 minutes

Learning outcomes

Different rooms have different learning outcomes. 

In the House of Commons chamber, students will learn that:


  • The UK is a democracy and MPs are elected to their positions
  • Discussion and debate are central to the way Parliament works
  • Debate involves listening to everyone and respecting the views of others

In the House of Lords chamber, students will learn that:


  • Parliament makes laws that affect everyone
  • Parliament works for everyone in the UK and anyone can watch what happens there on television

In Central Lobby, students will learn that:


  • Everyone over 18 can vote in general elections today, but the suffragettes struggled to win voting rights for women
  • Anyone can visit Parliament

In the Royal Gallery, students will learn that:


  • The UK Parliament has a long history
  • The monarch has a role in Parliament

Students will also practice their literacy skills, particularly the skill of reading for information.

Practical information

Get the Houses in Order! requires Flash Player 9 or above and Javascript to be enabled.

Players can approach the game in two ways. They can choose to ‘rebuild’ the Parliamentary chambers in order or to break up the game into bite-size chunks by jumping straight to a room of their choice. See the learning outcomes below to find out which room is most relevant to which topics.

A voiceover is available to provide information to students with lower levels of literacy. It can be switched on or off at the click of a button.


Curriculum links

Curriculum links

A full list of curriculum links for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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