Teaching resources by topic

Parliament's Outreach Service provides reading lists, learning activities and presentations which can be used to support undergraduate and postgraduate teaching about Parliament.

Teaching resources are available on the following topics:

  1. The structure of Parliament
  2. The legislative process
  3. Select Committees at Parliament
  4. Parliament and devolution
  5. Parliament and Europe
  6. Parliament and scrutiny

PowerPoint presentations and learning activities

For access to PowerPoint presentations and interactive learning activities, please email universities@parliament.uk, specifying the topics from the above list on which you require teaching resources.

Suggested reading lists

Suggested reading lists for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying or researching the Houses of Parliament are provided below.  We welcome suggestions for additions or updates to these reading lists, or any feedback on the contents; please contact us on universities@parliament.uk with your thoughts.

  1. The structure of Parliament suggested reading list (PDF PDF 398 KB)
  2. The legislative process suggested reading list (PDF PDF 489 KB)
  3. Select Committees at Parliament suggested reading list (PDF PDF 364 KB)
  4. Parliament and devolution suggested reading list (PDF PDF 441 KB)
  5. Parliament and Europe suggested reading list (PDF PDF 427 KB)
  6. Parliament and scrutiny suggested reading list (PDF PDF 515 KB)