Leader of the House of Lords

The Leader of the House is the most senior member of the government in the Lords, responsible for its business in the House. She leads a team of about 25 ministers and whips.

The Leader also has obligations to the House as a whole. She expresses its collective feelings on formal occasions by giving motions of thanks and congratulations. She also gives procedural advice, eg in disputes over who will speak next during questions. The Leader is available to assist and advise all members of the Lords.

The current Leader of the House of Lords is Baroness Stowell of Beeston. As with all past Leaders, she was appointed to the position by the Prime Minister.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading the Government benches in the House of Lords
  • Conduct of Government business in the Lords (jointly responsible with the Chief Whip)
  • Repeating in the Lords statements made by the Prime Minister to the Commons
  • Giving guidance to the House on matters of order and procedure
  • Taking part in formal ceremonies in the House, such as the State Opening of Parliament
  • Chairman, Board of Trustees for Chequers and Dorneywood.

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