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Bills before Parliament 2014-15

Listed below are all Bills currently before Parliament. Any Bills which start in the Lords have [HL] in their title. Explanatory Notes and Amendments are on each Bill's individual page.

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Commons Abortion (Sex-Selection) Bill 07.01.2015
Lords Abortion Act 1967 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 13.06.2014
Commons Affordable Homes Bill 07.11.2014
Commons Affordable Housing Contributions (Ten Unit Threshold) Bill 10.09.2014
Commons Alcohol Labelling (Pregnancy): Bill 08.01.2015
Commons Amenity Land (Adoption by Local Authorities) Bill 30.10.2014
Commons Apprenticeships (Child Benefit and Tax Credit Entitlement) (Research) Bill 22.01.2015
Lords Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill [HL] 12.06.2014
Commons Armed Forces (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill 22.01.2015
Commons Armed Forces (Prevention of Discrimination) (No. 2) Bill 24.11.2014
Commons Armed Forces (Service Complaints and Financial Assistance) Bill [HL] 05.02.2015
Lords Armed Forces Deployment (Royal Prerogative) Bill [HL] 11.06.2014
Lords Assisted Dying Bill [HL] 19.01.2015
Commons Asylum (Time Limit) Bill 19.01.2015
Commons Bat Habitats Regulation Bill 26.01.2015
Lords BBC (Trustee Election and Licence Fee) Bill [HL] 13.06.2014
Commons BBC Privatisation Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Benefit Entitlement (Restriction) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Blood Donation (Equality) Bill 23.10.2014
Commons British Bill of Rights and Withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Buckinghamshire County Council (Filming on Highways) Bill 12.11.2014
Commons Buses (Audio Announcements) Bill 09.01.2015
Commons Business of the House Commission Bill 27.11.2014
Commons Carers Bedroom Entitlement (Social Housing Sector) Bill 09.01.2015
Lords Chancel Repairs Bill [HL] 17.07.2014
Commons Child Benefit Entitlement (Disqualification of Non-UK EU Nationals) Bill 20.01.2015
Royal Assent Childcare Payments Act 2014 18.12.2014
Commons Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill 08.12.2014
Lords Cohabitation Rights Bill [HL] 15.12.2014
Lords Consumer Rights Bill 04.02.2015
Lords Control of Horses Bill 28.01.2015
Commons Control of Offshore Wind Turbines Bill 19.01.2015
Commons Convicted Prisoners Voting Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Corporation Tax (Northern Ireland) Bill 06.02.2015
Lords Council Tax Valuation Bands Bill [HL] 25.06.2014
Commons Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) Bill 08.12.2014
Commons Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill 06.02.2015
Lords Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 22.01.2015
Royal Assent Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 18.07.2014
Commons Defence Expenditure (NATO Target) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Department of Energy and Climate Change (Abolition) Bill 08.07.2014
Lords Deregulation Bill 06.02.2015
Lords Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill [HL] 24.11.2014
Commons Dogs (Registration) Bill 12.01.2015
Lords Duchy of Cornwall Bill [HL] 11.06.2014
Commons Electronic Cigarettes (Advertising and Legal Age of Purchase) Bill 07.01.2015
Lords Employment Practices Bill [HL] 12.06.2014
Commons Employment Rights Bill 14.01.2015
Commons Energy (Buildings and Reduction of Fuel Use) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Equal Pay (Transparency) Bill 05.02.2015
Lords Equality Act 2010 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 24.11.2014
Commons EU Membership (Audit of Costs and Benefits) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons European Parliament Elections Bill 12.01.2015
Lords European Union (Information, etc.) Bill [HL] 25.06.2014
Commons European Union (Referendum) Bill 20.10.2014
Lords European Union (Withdrawal) Bill [HL] 17.06.2014
Royal Assent Finance Act 2014 18.07.2014
Commons Firearm and Shotgun Licensing (Domestic Violence) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (Betting Shops) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Fixed-Term Parliaments (Repeal) Bill 22.01.2015
Lords Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 (Repeal) Bill [HL] 13.06.2014
Commons Football Governance Bill 10.11.2014
Commons Foreign National Offenders (Exclusion from the United Kingdom) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Fracking (Measurement and Regulation of Impacts) (Air, Water and Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Bill 22.01.2015
Commons Free Movement of Persons into the United Kingdom (Derogation) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill 06.01.2015
Commons Funeral Services Bill 26.01.2015
Commons General Practitioner Surgeries (Rural Areas) Bill 19.12.2014
Lords Governance of Sport Bill [HL] 12.06.2014
Lords Health and Social Care (Safety and Quality) Bill 28.01.2015
Commons Health Service Commissioner for England (Complaint Handling) Bill 16.01.2015
Commons High Cost Credit Services (Retail Premises) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill 10.09.2014
Lords High-cost Credit Agreements (Advertising Restrictions) Bill [HL] 10.06.2014
Commons Hospital Car Parking Charges (Abolition) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons House of Commons Commission Bill 05.02.2015
Commons House of Commons Members’ Fund Bill 08.12.2014
Commons House of Lords (Expulsion and Suspension) Bill [HL] 05.02.2015
Commons House of Lords (Maximum Membership) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Household Safety (Carbon Monoxide Detectors) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Houses in Multiple Occupation (Energy Performance Certificates and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Housing (Affordability, Supply and Tenant Protection) Bill 16.01.2015
Commons HS2 Funding Referendum Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Illegal Immigrants (Criminal Sanctions) Bill 26.01.2015
Lords Infrastructure Bill [HL] 28.01.2015
Commons Insurance Bill [HL] 04.02.2015
Lords International Development (Official Development Assistance Target) Bill 28.01.2015
Commons International Trade Agreements (Scrutiny) Bill 09.01.2015
Commons Internet Communications (Regulation) Bill 07.01.2015
Commons Jobs Guarantee Scheme (Research) Bill 22.01.2015
Lords Land Value Tax Bill [HL] 12.06.2014
Lords Leader of the House of Lords Bill [HL] 15.10.2014
Commons Letting Agents (Fees) Bill 08.07.2014
Lords Licensing Act 2003 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 13.06.2014
Commons Living Wage (Reporting) Bill 04.02.2015
Commons Local Government (Independence) Bill 19.09.2014
Commons Local Government (Planning Permission and Referendums) Bill 14.01.2015
Lords Local Government (Religious etc. Observances) Bill 20.01.2015
Lords Local Government (Review of Decisions) Bill 27.01.2015
Commons Local Planning and Housing Bill 20.01.2015
Lords Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill 05.02.2015
Commons Low Pay Commission (National Minimum Wage) Bill 15.01.2015
Commons Medical Innovation Bill [HL] 27.01.2015
Commons Mental Health Act 1983 (Amendment) Bill 07.01.2015
Lords Mesothelioma (Amendment) Bill [HL] 18.07.2014
Commons Mobile Phones and Other Devices Capable of Connection to the Internet (Distribution of Sexually Explicit Images and Manufacturers’ Anti-Pornography Default Setting) Bill 07.01.2015
Lords Modern Slavery Bill 04.02.2015
Commons Mutuals' Deferred Shares Bill [HL] 05.02.2015
Commons National Defence Medal Bill 27.11.2014
Commons National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill 05.02.2015
Commons National Health Service and Care Sector Workers (Credit Union and High Cost Credit) Bill 20.11.2014
Commons National Insurance Contributions Bill 04.02.2015
Commons Office for Budget Responsibility (Political Party Policy Costings) Bill 22.01.2015
Commons Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Abolition) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Off-patent Drugs Bill 08.12.2014
Commons Off-Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill 21.01.2015
Lords Online Safety Bill [HL] 11.06.2014
Commons Onshore Wind Turbine Subsidies (Abolition) Bill 22.01.2015
Commons Overseas Voters Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Overseas Voters (15 Year Rule) Bill 03.12.2014
Commons Parliamentary and Constitutional Reform Bill 23.01.2015
Lords Parliamentary Privilege (Defamation) Bill [HL] 30.06.2014
Commons Pavement Parking Bill 09.01.2015
Commons Pension Schemes Bill 06.02.2015
Commons Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (Statutory Requirement) Bill 27.10.2014
Commons Planning Consent Applications (Contracts) Bill 11.12.2014
Commons Political Party Policy Costings (Office for Budget Responsibility) Bill 21.01.2015
Lords Prime Minister (Limitation of Period of Office) Bill [HL] 12.11.2014
Commons Private Rented Sector (Decent Homes Standard) Bill 29.01.2015
Commons Protective Headgear for Cyclists Aged Fourteen Years and Under (Research) Bill 20.01.2015
Lords Public Advocate Bill [HL] 12.06.2014
Commons Public Sector Efficiency (Employee Participation) Bill 05.02.2015
Commons Public Services (Ownership and User Involvement) Bill 24.11.2014
Commons Railways Bill 13.01.2015
Commons Railways (Public Sector Operators) Bill 13.01.2015
Commons Recall of Elected Representatives Bill 11.09.2014
Lords Recall of MPs Bill 04.02.2015
Lords Regulation of Political Opinion Polling Bill [HL] 15.01.2015
Commons Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill 16.09.2014
Commons Right to Buy and Right to Acquire Schemes (Research) Bill 05.02.2015
Lords Right to Die at Home Bill [HL] 29.07.2014
Commons Road Fuel Pricing (Equalisation) Bill 21.01.2015
Commons Road Traffic Regulation (Temporary Closure for Filming) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons School Admissions Bill 10.11.2014
Commons School Governors (Appointment) Bill 13.01.2015
Lords Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Bill 28.01.2015
Commons Serious Crime Bill [HL] 05.02.2015
Commons Service Charges, Gratuities and Cover Charges (Hospitality, Leisure and Service Sectors) (Statutory Code) Bill 14.10.2014
Commons Sex and Relationships Education (Curriculum) Bill 18.11.2014
Lords Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill 04.02.2015
Commons Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill 03.02.2015
Lords Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials (Offences) Bill 26.01.2015
Lords Stamp Duty Land Tax Bill 23.01.2015
Lords Succession to Peerages Bill [HL] 12.06.2014
Commons Sugar in Food and Drinks (Targets, Labelling and Advertising) Bill 26.01.2015
Royal Assent Supply and Appropriation (Main Estimates) Act 2014 18.07.2014
Royal Assent Taxation of Pensions Act 2014 18.12.2014
Commons Tenancies (Reform) Bill 20.01.2015
Commons Terms and Conditions (Migrant Workers) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Transparency and Accountability Bill 27.10.2014
Commons Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014 (Repeal) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Transport for London Bill [HL] 05.02.2015
Commons Tyres (Buses and Coaches) Bill 30.01.2015
Commons UK Borders Control Bill 12.01.2015
Commons Under-Occupancy Penalty (Exemptions) Bill 20.01.2015
Commons United Kingdom Parliament (Sovereignty and Jurisdiction over Borders) Bill 30.01.2015
Commons Voter Registration Bill 28.01.2015
Lords Voter Registration Bill [HL] 11.06.2014
Commons Voting (Civic Obligation) Bill 15.01.2015
Lords Voting Age (Comprehensive Reduction) Bill [HL] 13.06.2014
Royal Assent Wales Act 2014 06.01.2015
Lords Welfare of Cats Bill [HL] 25.07.2014
Commons Wild Animals in Circuses Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Wind Farm Subsidies (Abolition) Bill 08.07.2014
Commons Women’s Refuges (Provision and Eligibility) Bill 28.01.2015
Commons Working Time Directive (Limitation) Bill 26.01.2015
Commons Zero Hours Contracts Bill 26.01.2015

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