Administration Committee supports Parliament's Energy Saving initiative

16 June 2014

The Administration Committee is delighted to express its support for Parliament’s Energy Commitment. This Commitment is part of Parliament's Environment Programme which seeks to meet ambitious energy saving targets. 

Our Members recognise the importance of reducing our carbon emissions in order to cut energy wastage and costs, and help reduce the environmental impact of running the Estate. With over 13,000 pass holders to cater for, in a challenging historic environment, Parliament needs to work hard to meet its ambitious recycling, waste, water and energy saving targets. In particular, our Committee would like to see a reduction in the unnecessary use of lights, annunciator screens and heating/air-conditioning on the Estate. This would be a quick win for Parliament but it can only be achieved with the right support and action from Members and staff.

Our Committee was the first to pilot paperless working to reduce the amount of printing and paper we use to carry out Committee business, and we are keen to remain at the forefront of energy-saving initiatives. We were interested to hear about the proposal for ‘energy surveys’ of offices, which will identify the kind of practical energy efficiency measures Members can introduce in their own offices. Members have a vital role to play in influencing and leading energy saving, so we hope that colleagues will get involved and lend their support.

We would encourage everyone to get behind Parliament’s Energy Commitment to see what we can do, individually and collectively, to make our organisation as green as it can be.

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