Statutory Instruments, &c.
LIST NO. 25 : Friday 6 February 2015


Special Procedure Orders


Bold The Instrument stands referred to a Joint Committee for consideration of petitions.

An Order laid under the Statutory Orders (Special Procedure) Acts 1945 (s. 4) and 1965 (s. 1(2)) is subject to negative resolution for a period of 21 days beginning with the date on which a report relating to it, from the Lord Chairman of Committees and the Chairman of Ways and Means, is laid before Parliament pursuant to s. 3(5) of the 1945 Act. If such a report is laid on different dates in the Lords and in the Commons the period begins on the later date. In reckoning this period no account is taken of any time during which Parliament is dissolved or prorogued, or during which both Houses are adjourned for more than four days.

Title of Instrument

Laid before the House

Date of laying of Chairmen’s report

No. of days unexpired on date of issue


Prepared 6th February 2015