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The Weekly Flickr: Young photographer lands dream job at Coke. His creative direction blends both fantasy and reality, and years later it would lead him to a dream job in photography and become a Flickr icon!

Halloween special: Photographer Christine McConnell creates a make-believe world with a sinister twist Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe are Wiissa, a young film-and-photography duo and real-life couple who turned their hobby into a career. Cancer survivor Robin Macmillan conquers fear through her photography Weekly Flickr - Lissy Laricchia - Amazing childhood dreams brought to life. 20under20: Alex Stoddard lets his fantasies and adventures come to life Finding faces in unexpected places: Jody is the creator of the Flickr group Faces in Places, a quirky and creative collection of photos capturing human like faces in everyday objects that we want to show you in our latest episode of The Weekly Flickr. The Weekly Flickr Mimo Khair's beautiful street photography Moving portraits of the homeless and their pets: Norah Levine has met many people who have a deep connection to their animals. But once she began photographing the homeless and their pets, she realized how much of a lifeline animals can truly be. Photographer channels astronaut obsession into hilarious photos: Tim Dodd hopes his series can pique people’s interest in space and encourage others to learn more about past space endeavors and support future ventures. Surreal underwater photo series: Photographer Benjamin Von Wong aims to blur the line between fantasy and reality with his epic photo shoots, and the results are mesmerizing larger-than-life images. Krocky Meshkin calls himself a “paranormal street photographer.” The Los Angeles-based photographer loves to capture real moments on real city streets … with a mysterious twist. Close-up shark photos aim to break ‘Jaws’ stereotype: George’s research took him to Isla Guadalupe, an island located off the coast of Baja California known for its Great White Shark sightings. He bought a camera with waterproof housing ... Movie-poster images honor everyday heroes: Brandon Cawood gives firefighters, police officers, and emergency responders the kind of superhero treatment they deserved, by creating epic movie-poster style photos of those first on the scene. Twist behind photo elicits strong reaction: Richard Renaldi admits that his intimate portraits moved some viewers to cry — and creeped others out. Pakistan’s key role in the World Cup: An assignment with Reuters led Sara Farid to the small town of Sialkot, Pakistan, where a factory owner had just taken on a monumental task: produce the official soccer balls of the 2014 World Cup. Photographer explores ‘following the herd’: Sheep are a staple on farms, nursery rhymes, and a nightly ritual to lull one’s self to sleep, but rarely are they subjects in contemporary art, such as the "Sheep Nation" series by Davide Luciano. Photographer Susannah Benjamin has always had a knack for storytelling and blending her words into stunning photography. Years later, her narrative photography would lead her to an incredible job for the superstar, Beyoncé. ‘World’s Best Father’ photo series: Dave Engledow creates an instant viral hit as audiences fell in love with his distracted father character. 'The Adventures of Mr. Fly': Video profiles Belgian photographer Nicholas Hendrickx, whose macro photography series features an unusual model. Kaija’s painfully funny self-portraits: When we first came across photography by Kaija Straumanis, we couldn’t help but scratch our heads in wonder. “Who, what, how, and ouch” were popular reactions among our team. We later learned that we weren’t alone.

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