Westminster Hall Adjournment Debates

The Westminster Hall Chamber (in a specially converted room off the main Westminster Hall) is an additional chamber to the main House of Commons chamber. The first sitting in Westminster Hall took place on Tuesday 30 November 1999. Following an experimental period from the beginning of the 1999-2000 session to the end of the 2001-2002 session, the House has agreed to a permanent Standing Order (SO No. 10) providing for sittings of a parallel Chamber known as the House sitting in Westminster Hall.

On the 17 July 2012 the House of Commons agreed that there could be sittings in Westminster Hall on a Monday, during sitting weeks, from 4.30pm for up to 3 hours. These sittings will only occur when the Backbench Business Committee decides that one should be held and may be used only for debates about e-petitions that have been brought by an MP to the Backbench Business Committee, having attracted over 100,000 signatures on the Government’s e-petitions website.
These Monday sittings are in addition to the 35 days currently allowed for backbench business.

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