ITV News 'Election 2015- School Debate' Resources

ITV News 'Election 2015- School Debate' Resources

We've pulled together a selection of our debating and election resources to support schools participating in the ITV Election 2015 School Debate project.

In light of the UK General Election in May 2015, ITV Regional News is working with schools to get young people involved in the political process. Below is a selection of Parliament Education Service's debating and election resources to support schools participating. To find out what schools are doing in your part of the country head to and look under 'your area'.

Debating and election resources

  • Election Toolkit - Run a mock election to help your students understand and experience the process in the run up to the 2015 General Election.


  • Create the Debate - A debating pack for KS3-5 students including warm-up activities, debating methods and information about how debates are run in the House of Commons chamber.





  • Elections and Voting video - Use this short film to delve deeper into the voting process, including our right to vote, how candidates and parties gain votes and what happens once an MP is elected.


  • Workshops in your school - The Education Outreach team can help inspire and engage your students in their political literacy lessons by running workshops in schools around the country.


  • The Campaign Trail KS2 game - A fun activity for primary students that communicates serious concepts of active citizenship and campaigning.

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