Records Management in Parliament

The Parliamentary Archives provides a shared records management and archives service to the administrations of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords and their staff are not subject to parliamentary information and records management policy and practice.

Information and records management is the corporate function that provides systematic control of our business information and content  (i.e. data, documents, records and other recorded information that has a specific content and a value to Parliament),  throughout its life cycle so that we can meet operational needs, legal requirements, and public expectations. Every organisation has controls to manage its assets: some are mandatory, others are part of good management practices.  The IRMS is part of Parliament’s internal control framework, and the Parliamentary Information and Records Management Policy provides the structure for managing each House’s information and content. It includes emails produced or received in the conduct of business, data held in both structured and unstructured systems and applications (both on the Parliamentary Estate, on personal or mobile devices and outsourced, e.g. to the Cloud), as well as hard copy information, web content, audio and video recordings, maps and plans, photographs, text messages, wiki pages and blogs, and social media posts. The Policy applies to all Departments, Offices and staff of the administrations of both Houses of Parliament and PICT (both permanent and temporary including employees, contractors, consultants, secondees or volunteers undertaking work on behalf of either House) who have access to Parliamentary information, whether digital, paper or audio-visual.

The Information and Records Management Service, based in the Parliamentary Archives, help staff manage information more easily to support their work and mitigate risks through developing, implementing and advising on corporate information management policies and practices.  The service works in partnership with other business areas to provide expert advice and practical solutions to information management issues. 

If you have a question regarding records management in Parliament, please contact us on 020 7219 3074 or e-mail Questions about the holdings of the Parliamentary Archives should be directed to the Archives' enquiry team using the same contact details above.