Digital Preservation in Parliament

Our work on digital preservation is aimed at ensuring that Parliament’s digital resources will remain authentic and accessible in the future to anyone who needs them, despite the inevitable changes to their hardware and software environment

Parliament's digital preservation programme encompasses all of Parliament’s born-digital and digitised assets which require long-term preservation. These include administrative records, such as office documents and emails, XML publications, the outputs of digitisation projects such as online Hansard, snapshots of the Parliamentary web estate, digital photographs, digital audio-visual broadcast material, CAD drawings and data from bespoke systems which support Parliamentary business.

Since 2008, the Archives has been leading a project to implement a state-of-the-art digital repository, together with associated preservation services, processes and standards. The repository recently became operational and ingest of digital collections is now underway. Further development and enhancement of the repository systems will follow.

Publications on this page will mainly be of interest to other digital preservation practictioners but also to anyone interested in our progress in this area.

Digital Preservation Policy (PDF PDF 355 KB)

The principles that guide our approach to digital preservation

Digital Preservation Strategy (PDF PDF 122 KB)

What we are trying to achieve and why

A flow chart to enable IT system developers and project managers to decide whether their projects face a digital preservation challenge

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