Lord Bamford

Lord Bamford

Full title

The Lord Bamford DL


Anthony Bamford



Joined the Lords

3 October 2013

Contact details

House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW
Tel: 020 7219 5353

Register of Interests

  • 1: Directorships

    • Director, Companies within the JCB Group (see below); the JCB Group designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of excavating, earthmoving, materials handling and agricultural machines and provides after sales service and supply of parts for those machines in construction, agricultural and industrial markets:
    • JCB Service
    • JC Bamford Excavators Limited
    • JCB Sales Limited
    • JCB Research
    • JCB Farms Limited
    • JCB Earthmovers Limited
    • JC Bamford Investments
    • JCB Power Products Limited
    • JCB SAS
    • JCB US Holdings Inc
    • JCB SpA
    • JCB India Limited
    • JCB Maquinaria SA
    • JCB Construction Equipment (Shanghai) Co Ltd
    • JCB Hong Kong Limited
    • Wootton Organic Wholesale Ltd
    • BHoldings Limited
    • Bamford Limited
    • Editallied Limited
    • Transmissions & Engineering Services Netherlands BV
    • JCB Nano Technology Limited (dormant company)
    • A C Bamford Limited (dormant company)
    • A P Bamford Limited (dormant company)
    • C G Bamford Limited (dormant company)
    • G H Bamford Limited (dormant company)
    • J C Bamford Limited (dormant company)
    • Nano JCB Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Sitewear Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Mini Excavators Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Dump Trucks Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Power Limited (dormant company)
    • Bamfords Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Attachments Ltd (dormant company)
    • JCB Limited (dormant company)
    • JC Bamford Excavators Leasing Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Service Leasing Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB South West Limited (dormant company)
    • A Bamford Trading Company Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Groundcare Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB International Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Export Sales Limited (dormant company)
    • Bamford Architecture Limited (dormant company)
    • Bamford Home Limited (dormant company)
    • JCB Equipment Limited (dormant company)
    • Wootton Property Investments Limited (dormant company)
    • Daylesford Organic Limited (formerly Daylesford Limited)
    • Daylesford Organic Farms Ltd
  • 5: Land and property

    • Residential and commercial properties in Gloucestershire and Staffordshire
    • Property in Cabasson, France
  • 10: Non-financial interests (d)

    • President, Midlands Industrial Council
  • 10: Non-financial interests (e)

    • Trustee, Bamford Charitable Foundation
    • Trustee, Daylesford Foundation
    • Trustee, Lord Bamford Charitable Foundation (formerly Sir Anthony Bamford Charitable Foundation)
    • Director, St Peter's Church, Daylesford, Charitable Trust