Parliament produces a wide range of information that is available on paper and online.

Business papers

(Vote Bundle, Votes and Proceedings) The current and future business of Parliament is set out in a collection of daily documents.

Historical records

The Parliamentary Archives hold millions of historical records relating to both Houses of Parliament.

Parliamentary papers

Information on the different types of papers published by and presented to Parliament and how to access them.

Deposited Papers

Deposited Papers are placed in the Commons or Lords libraries by a government minister, or by the Speaker of the Commons.

Government publications (Command Papers)

Government publications presented to Parliament are known as Command Papers.


Hansard is the edited record of what was said in Parliament

Bills v Acts

Explanation of the difference between a Bill and an Act and information on how to access them.

Judgments: archive

Access archived House of Lords judgments from 14 November 1996 to 30 July 2009.

Research material

Parliamentary staff produce research publications to assist members of both Houses in understanding legislation, policy and topical issues.

Related information

Publications and records

For direct access to the publications and records described in this section please visit the following section.