Website survey and data protection

From time to time Parliament's web team perform research to help improve the Parliament website. We use the website survey to recruit volunteers to participate in this research.

This page provides information about how we store your personal details.

The website survey

Parliament's monthly website survey is operated by Bunnyfoot, our user research partner. As part of the monthly survey there is an opportunity to register to participate in future parliamentary research projects.

This process involves storing your personal details, this page lets you know how and where this information is stored.

Registration and storage of personal data

The registration process has a number of steps and during this time your data will be stored in 2 different locations.

  1. When you register an interest via the parliament website survey your details will be stored on Parliament's secure servers in the UK.
  2. Parliament will contact you and introduce you to Bunnyfoot and ask you to register on Bunnyfoots's database
  3. Once the initial email has been sent your personal details will be deleted from Parliaments servers.
  4. If you register with Bunnyfoot your personal details will be stored on secure servers in the UK, you can deactivate your account at any time by emailing

Further information

If you have any concerns about the collection or use of your information, please contact us at

Related information

Parliament and the DPA

The Houses of Parliament takes information security and its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) seriously.  The personal information you provide will be processed and stored in accordance with the DPA.