When to contact your MP


Everyone has the right to contact their local MP to discuss issues affecting them but there are specific areas they can deal with. MPs will generally only act on behalf of their constituents, so please check you are contacting the MP who represents your constituency.

When you should contact your local MP

MPs are more able to help you with issues that Parliament or government are responsible for, such as:

  • Tax (but not council tax as this is set and paid to your local authority).

  • Hospitals and the National Health Service (not local social services).

  • Benefits, pensions, national insurance.

  • Immigration.

  • School closures and grants (not day-to-day school problems like governors or the local education authority).

When you should contact someone else first

Some issues are not the direct responsibility of Parliament or government. In these instances, you should first contact either your local council or your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau before considering contacting your MP.

These are issues such as:

  • Council tax.

  • Private problems with neighbours, landlords, employers, family; or companies who’ve sold you faulty goods.

  • Decisions made by the courts.

  • Issues that are the responsibility of your local council, ie, dustbins or street repairs.

When you should contact the government

If, for example, you have a question about government policies on the National Health Service, this should be directed to the government department that deals with that subject - in this case, the Department for Health.

Contacting a government minister

If you wish to contact a specific government minister in connection to their ministerial responsibilities, please use the contact facilities on their departmental website.

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Constituency: A region of the UK where the public elect candidates to be their MP. The UK is divided into 650 different constituencies

Need a government minister?

If you wish to contact a government minister in connection to their ministerial responsibilities please use the contact facilities on their departmental website.

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