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2015 Flag Project

Flags project

Parliament's flag project invites young people from across the UK to collaboratively create a shared picture of democracy.

2015 Flags Project - nominated schools

The 2015 Flag Project, run by Parliament in collaboration with artist Jonathan Parsons, has invited specially selected schools from across the UK to collaboratively create a shared picture of democracy to commemorate the 1265 Montfort Parliament. It was 750 years ago that Simon de Montfort’s Parliament for the first time brought together representatives of the cities and boroughs, paving the way for the House of Commons.

For the first phase of the 2015 Flag Project, Members of the House of Commons and Parliament's Education Service nominated primary schools from across the UK to to create a flag to represent their constituency. On 5 March 2015 an online digital exhibition of all the 2015 Flag Project designs will launch on www.parliament.uk/2015. Here, schools and others can explore and share the designs.

A selection of the flags, representing the Historic Counties, will be sewn to fly at two special 2015 events; in Parliament Square this Spring (date to be confirmed) and again at Runnymede on 15 June 2015. This event celebrates another special 2015 anniversary, 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta, and is entitled Magna Carta Foundation of Liberty. The event is managed by 2015 project partners, the National Trust and Surrey County Council. 

Add your flag to the exhibition

From the 5 March, Parliament is inviting schools who have been inspired by the exhibition to then add their own flag to the collection until the end of 2015, to further build this unique record.

All schools will be able to access a special downloadable resource pack, designed by Jonathan Parsons, which explains the history of the Montfort Parliament, why representation is important and how to design a flag to represent their area.