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Schools and young people

Magna Carta schools resource

2015 Flag Project

Flags project

Parliament's flag project invites young people from across the UK to collaboratively create a shared picture of democracy.

Magna Carta video (KS2-3)

Magna Carta schools video

Discover the fascinating story of Magna Carta with this video drama and explore the first step in the emergence of Parliament

Simon de Montfort video (KS2-3)

Simon de Montfort video

Bring the story of Simon de Montfort and the 1265 Parliament to life with this video drama to explore the emergence of Parliament

Houses of History timeline

Houses of History interactive timeline

This animated timeline provides a fun way to explore the history of Parliament and democracy

Order your Election Toolkit

Election Toolkit for schools

Understand and experience the election process in the run up to the 2015 General Election

Magna Carta assembly plan

Magna Carta assembly plan

Magna Carta themed assembly plan, launched to mark the four surviving origional Magna Cartas coming together at Parliament on 5 February.

Video: A history of representation in nearly 60 seconds

Parliament's Education Service

School visit to Parliament

Access free teaching resources, find out about school visits to Parliament, book teacher training opportunities or request a visit from our Outreach team.