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Parliament in the Making: 2015 Historic Anniversaries programme

In 2015 the Houses of Parliament, along with the people of the UK, will be commemorating two important anniversaries:

These historical events can be seen as marking the start of a journey towards modern day rights and representation.

The 2015 anniversaries celebrations are designed to raise awareness of our democratic heritage with Parliament at the heart of the story. By marking our history in an innovative way that is relevant to contemporary society, we aim to increase public understanding that Parliament is at the heart of our democracy and that its work matters to everyone.

Activities will take place throughout 2015 and, as well as new activities and events, will incorporate existing programmes such as TEDx  and Parliament Week.

The Speakers’ Advisory Group for 2015 Anniversaries

An Advisory Group has been established to act as a consultative body to support and advise the Speakers on matters relating to the anniversary programme for 2015.

The group will assist the Speakers and officials in fulfilling ambitions to deliver an accessible, innovative and engaging programme. The Speakers’ Advisory Group for the 2015 Anniversaries is co-chaired by Sir Peter Luff MP and Lord Bew ; with an officials working group coordinating teams from both Houses. The project is managed by the Parliamentary Public Engagement and Learning Team who sit within The House of Commons Information Service Department.

Other anniversaries in 2015

2015 also marks a number of other important anniversaries which include:

  • 50 years since Churchill’s death (24 January 1965)
  • 50 years since the first Race Relations Act (8 December 1965)
  • 200 years since the Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815)
  • 600 years since the Battle of Agincourt (25 October 1415)

Parliament will also be marking these anniversaries with displays, lectures and commemoration events.

2015 Events

2015 events

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