About your Parliament

Explore this section to discover all about the role of Parliament.

Introduction to Parliament

Using images, videos and articles, this section looks at the role of Parliament, how it differs from government, key annual events such as the State Opening of Parliament and the budget.

About the work of Parliament

MPs, Lords and the monarch

Take a closer look at the role of MPs, Members of the House of Lords, and the monarch in the UK’s parliamentary democracy. This section uses a combination of animations, slideshows and articles to bust common myths and examine the work of Parliament’s key players.

Who's who in Parliament?

How laws are made

Most new laws passed by Parliament result from proposals made by the government. This section looks at the process of making a law and the role played by the House of Commons and House of Lords to scrutinise new legislation.

Making laws

General elections

General elections are central to democracy in the UK. But how do they work? This section looks at the outcome of the last general election, the role of political parties, and what happens on election day.

General elections and referendums

The history of Parliament

The UK has a long tradition of parliamentary democracy. Take a closer look at some key moments, including the Gunpowder Plot and the achievements of early female politicians.

Uncover Parliament's long history