House of Lords Appointments Commission

House of Lords Appointment Commission

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Message from the Chairman   

As Chair of the House of Lords Appointments Commission, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our website.

The House of Lords serves an essential role in our democracy through its scrutiny and revision of legislation, by holding the Government to account through questioning ministers and in the conduct of more formal debates, and by initiating enquiries on issues of national importance.

The Commission was established in 2000 to make nominations for membership of the House of Lords to the independent cross benches and is also responsible for the vetting for propriety of all nominations to the House, including candidates for party political membership.

The Commission wishes to make further appointments to the independent cross benches that will add to the breadth of experience and expertise that already exists within the House of Lords, and also help ensure the House fully represents diversity within our country.

If you believe you are a potential candidate, with the expertise required and a willingness to commit to this challenging role, please review the appropriate pages on our website for further information about the application process.

Lord Ajay Kakkar
Chairman of the Appointments Commission