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Parliament encourages you to use material made available by the House of Commons or the House of Lords in which copyright or database right subsists. Use of Parliamentary material is governed by the terms of the Open Parliament Licence.

The Open Parliament Licence does not cover:

Further exclusions are contained in the Open Parliament Licence itself.

The Open Parliament Licence applies to material made available in hard copy or electronically. It covers not only material in which either House owns the copyright or database right but also material published before 1 August 1989 in which Crown copyright subsists.

The Open Parliament Licence is designed to allow Parliamentary material to be used freely and flexibly, consistent with the way public sector information is made available for use under the Open Government Licence. The terms of the Open Parliament Licence describe how material may be used and the obligations imposed on the user.

If you want to find out more about the Open Parliament Licence, its terms and the material to which it applies, you can obtain further guidance by contacting webmaster@parliament.uk 

Parliamentary publications

All Parliament's publications are held in electronic form in a 'source database' operated by our contractor TSO on behalf of Parliament.

Any organisation can apply to TSO (0207 394 4258) to arrange for the supply of these feeds.

The majority of this data is now available in XML, including the order paper, Hansard, Bills and amendments although some, particularly Select Committee reports are available only in html.

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